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Private hire drivers are dedicated people that work very unsocial hours to ensure a 24hour service is provided for their respective communities throughout the UK. They quite often face all kinds of abuse and threatening behaviour and physical assaults. In-order to preserve their licenses they maintain self control, discipline and suffer all kinds problems in silence. The police have little or no time in supporting drivers when they require help. Very often they are told to get help from their control bases when they require assistance.

In the current climate taxi driving is becoming more and more dangerous. Specifically the private hire sector of the taxi transport service. They are particularly vulnerable to abuse, threatening behaviour and attacks from their customers, as there is little or no protection for the drivers. Too often the private hire driver is seen to be an easy target for muggers and drunkards to use abusive and threatening language.

Private hire drivers take risks every time they sit in their cars, start their engines and pick up their next fare. It is time that we acted and show our concern as a community by finding more ways to help keep them safe whilst they provide this vital service to the community.

With this in mind Cab Safe aim to introduce a range of security products and services for the Private Hire Drivers within the UK.

Cab Safe has launched it’s first safety product in June 2008, which is a safety screen manufactured from a transparent polycarbonate material and produced for each individual vehicle. The screen will be fitted between the front and rear passenger area of the vehicle. These screens are currently in use in four major countries within Europe.

The screen is fully tested for crash worthiness and complies to 2000/4/EC regulation, the typical requirement for an original equipment type approval covering Interior Fittings. As the screens are manufactured in Spain they have undergone appropriate testing by Spanish Motor industry testing and approval authority. The testing conducted in Spain has been verified by MIRA in the UK and approved the screens for use within the UK market.

"Providing Total Security for Private Hire Vehicle Drivers"

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