Advertise Your Business

Cab Safe – Security Solutions Ltd has obtained approval from Birmingham City Council Licensing committee to introduce advertising on private hire vehicles within Birmingham. The advertising approval grants Cab Safe the authorization to market the advertising space on the inside of private hire vehicles on Cab Safe’s security screens and on the rear windscreen.

Cab Safe's advertising scheme will introduce an advertising medium on the security screens in private hire vehicles, which will be used for advertising space to local and national businesses. This system will provide an opportunity for businesses to advertise their products or services to the communities at very competitive rates, within which the drivers serve.

Private Hire Vehicle Advertising

Cab Safe’s primary aim is to encourage private hire driver security – by providing means of advertising. This scheme will not only generate additional income for drivers with screens fitted but also will have added benefits for the local communities.


As part of Cab safe's business strategy we are constantly looking into methods that will help the purchase of the security screen for drivers to be more attractive. Apart from offering drivers flexible payment plans together with discounted prices for group orders above five, we can now also offer drivers within Birmingham the ability to earn extra cash by offering their vehicles for advertising.