Below are a few questions some of our customers have asked us concerning our products, if you have a question that is not answered below then please use our contact form and we will endeavour to contact you back with a response.

01. Q. How do I order a safety screen ?

A. Call our office between 09.00hrs to 18.00hrs Monday to Friday and 10.00hrs to 16.00hrs Saturday or email us at your convenience to place an order.
A. We will require your Vehicle Registration Certificate, your private hire license and your driving license.
A. Yes we supply & fit screens for the vast majority of vehicles, we will order a screen specifically for your vehicle.
A. Depending upon if a screen is available for your car and how long the waiting list is, it will normally take 21 to 28 days from order placement to final fitment. If we have to manufacture a new screen specifically for your vehicle, then delivery can take up to 6 weeks from order placement, but in the majority of cases the screen will already exist.
A. You must book your vehicle in at our company installation centre in Birmingham. At present we do not have the facility to fit the screen at your choice of venue. However, this facility will be available sometime in the future.
A. Fitting will take approximately 3 hours. You have the option to either leave your vehicle and return later or you can wait in our waiting room.
A. Please call our office and we will be glad to provide your with the current price. We will however, require a 50% deposit before we place an order for a screen for your vehicle. We will only take a deposit once we have established that we have a suitable screen for your vehicle. The remaining 50% is due upon installation, usually 21 to 28 days from order placement.
A. Yes, the screen supplied by Cab Safe is fully certified and crash tested and complies with 2000/4/EC regulation governing product type approval for interior fittings. UK motor vehicle testing institute MIRA has fully approved the screens for use into vehicles in the United Kingdom.
A. No, the screen can be removed quickly, however, this must be be carried out by Cab Safe or a Cab Safe authorised centre.
A. No. your vehicle will fully function as prior to fitting the screen.
A. Yes, the screen will be fixed to suit your driving seat position, however, under regulations we must maintain sufficient leg room for rear passengers.
A. Yes, but this must be carried out by either Cab Safe or Cab Safe authorised centre.
A. You personally or any unauthorised fitting centre is not permitted to fit the screen, however, fitting of new or (used screens) must be carried out by Cab Safe or a Cab Safe authorised fitting centre. Note, used screens will only be fitted into a suitable vehicle at sole discretion of Cab Safe or at the discretion of a Cab Safe authorised fitting centre.
A. We will make a small cut in the seat belt trim only. Apart from this your vehicle interior will not be modified or damaged and will remain fully intact. Once the screen is removed the vehicle will revert back to it’s pre-installation state.
A. Upon installation Cab Safe or a Cab Safe authorised fitting centre will issue you with an installation certificate which shows that the screen has been fitted correctly to the manufacturers instructions together with the guarantee.
A. We are in the process of developing some exciting new products that will enhance your security within your mini cab. Once available, you will be made aware of these through our advertising campaign and on the Cab Safe website
A. Yes we do have second hand security screens available from time to time, acquired from screen part exchanges. We also may have new security screens in old stock that may be available from time to time. Please call us to find out if we have any availability that matchhes your vehicle/s specifications.

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