Cab Safe Solutions Limited are a market leader in providing specialist personal security for use in cars, vans and small commercial vehicles. We pride our success on experience sound knowledge and judgement with an understanding of the needs of our customers, providing an appropriate solution with a high quality and competitively priced product.

Cab Safe provide custom fitted security screens that protect drivers from the risk of assault from rear seat passengers.The strong polycarbonate screen manufactured in Spain and used over many years in various European countries provides effective protection from floor to roof level. Cab Safe has exclusive rights to sell and fit the screens in the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland. 

Screens are designed to fit most makes and models of vehicles and can be installed by trained Cab Safe fitters in the space of a few hours.  In addition to the screen Cab Safe can also provide reliable and easy to use in car CCTV that can be used independently or in conjunction with security screen. Cab Safe has already gained licensing approved from many authorities throughout the UK including Birmingham City Council.

The Spanish, German and Danish police service are already benefiting by employing the protection screens within various police patrol cars across each country.

Police & Security Services

The screens are custom made and very simple to fit to any make and model of vehicle. With the ever increasing pressures and demands on the modern Police Service in relation to performance and efficiency these screens are the answer. They add to the efficiency of a Police Officers performance and response to demands not to mention these are economically viable and extremely cost effective.


The luxury of double crewed vehicles is some what rare and at other times not possible in order to meet with the demands of the public at large and possibly a hindrance to Citizen Focused Policing resulting in poor public satisfaction.


This is where Cab Safe Security Screens (CSSS) can assist. The benefits of having a CSSS fitted are numerous but primarily safety of the driver and the security of the detainee. It is not uncommon to only have one specially adapted van for transport of detained persons. This more than often may not be available immediately and there is a rush to the nearest Police Station if there is a van parked there or to wait a considerable time for one to become available but often time is crucial and a Police Officer may need to leave an area sooner rather than later in most situations where a person is detained.

It is well documented that assault on police is in the main carried out by detained persons and many are volatile and can change at any moment, CSSS installed in vehicles will enable officers to quickly minimise the risk of assault and hostility in an area. This will allow detainees to be conveyed by a single officer. Where a person is being violent Police officers will be able to use their existing appointments such as handcuffs, leg restraints and spit hoods and still transport them in a saloon vehicle. This will save hundreds of hours reducing waiting times for transportation particularly in rural areas.


The Screens are particularly useful for Traffic patrol vehicles too. It is already extremely dangerous for Officers to work on motorways and major routes and when asking motorists to sit in the rear of the Police vehicles after they have committed a moving road traffic offence it exposes them to an unknown danger as the person may for example become violent realising they may lose their license. If the person is wanted then they are already in a secure environment.