Private hire drivers take risks every time they sit in their cars, start their engines and pick up their next fare. It is time that we acted and show our concern as a community by finding more ways to help keep them safe whilst they provide this vital service to the community.

Full Height Protection Screen

With this in mind Cab Safe introduced a range of security products and services for the Private Hire Drivers within the UK. Cab Safe launched its first safety product in June 2008, which was a safety screen manufactured from a transparent polycarbonate material and produced for each individual vehicle.

The screen is fitted between the front and rear passenger area of the vehicle. These screens are currently in use in four major countries within Europe. The screen is fully tested for crash worthiness and complies to 2000/4/EC regulation, the typical requirement for an original equipment type approval covering Interior Fittings.

The protection screens are designed and manufactured in Spain, and comply with the Spanish Motor Industry safety testing and approval requirements, with certifications for each screen type available upon request. The safety testing conducted by the manufacturer in Spain has also been verified by the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) in the UK.

Protection Screen Specification and Safety Standard Approvals

  • The Protection Screen is manufactured from a high quality 6mm thick, but fully transparent, polycarbonate material to provide maximum protection.
  • The protection screen is uniquely design and manufactured for each vehicle type in accordance with its homologation identification.
  • All protection screen products have been tested and certified by the manufacturer in accordance with Spanish and European safety standard (2000/4/EC) and further verified by MIRA in the UK.
  • Cab Safe have protection screens approved and available for wide range of vehicles currently operating in the UK. Where a screen is not available for a specific vehicle type, including those new to the market, Cab Safe has the capability, in conjunction with its manufacturer, to design, make and certify new screens when required.”